QUICK FLEX Splined-Hub Couplings

  • Solid and split covers are designed to accommodate higher speeds and increased torque.
  • Inherently balanced from precision machining for high-speed applications. 
  • Design dampens torsional vibration and shock to help extend life of the coupling and surrounding components.
QUICK FLEX Splined-Hub Couplings

QUICK FLEX Splined-Hub Coupling Product Information

All of our splined-hub couplings come standard with blind set screws. Since the set screws never touch the shaft, there is never any damage to the splined shaft, all the while spreading the pressure over a larger area for a tighter compression.

Note: Splined-hub couplings are available with all cover and insert options.

A broad overview of the QUICK FLEX Splined Hubs product line is summarized below. To get specific product component data, please visit the QUICK FLEX Digital Parts Catalog.

Quick Flex Splined-Hub Couplings

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