QUICK FLEX® Couplings

  • Solid and split covers are designed to accommodate higher speeds and increased torque.
  • Inherently balanced from precision machining for high-speed applications. 
  • Design dampens torsional vibration and shock to help extend life of the coupling and surrounding components.
  • QUICK FLEX inserts help reduce downtime and replacement costs because inserts can be replaced without moving or disassembling the driving or driven equipment.
QUICK FLEX Couplings

When your equipment operates in harsh environments, you need coupling products you can count on. QUICK FLEX elastomeric couplings are designed to withstand those harsh conditions, yet need minimal maintenance. They’re easy-to-install and require no lubrication. With a lifespan that can match that of your equipment, QUICK FLEX couplings can keep your overall cost of ownership competitively low.


QUICK FLEX couplings, with its versatile design, provide a solution to a wide variety of coupling applications. Plus, you won’t need large inventories of spare parts – the only replacement part needed is the insert itself and it can be replaced in a matter of minutes without removing the hubs.


There’s no metal-to-metal contact with QUICK FLEX couplings, so you’ll save money by avoiding damage to hubs or other metal components. For harsh environments, including wash-downs for food processing, we offer a stainless-steel version of each coupling.

More Uptime

Your hubs and metal components can remain intact when you use QUICK FLEX couplings. Our design helps eliminate interference between coupling hubs that can damage your equipment. As needed, you can replace the urethane insert quickly and easily.

Innovative Design

Our couplings withstand up to 2 degrees of misalignment, as well as dampening vibration and shock loads in your equipment. 

Reduced Inventory

The versatility of the QUICK FLEX design promotes standardization across your plant, reducing the need to stock multiple coupling styles and configurations. 

Comparison QUICK FLEX
Jaw In-Shear
Grid Coupling Gear Coupling Chain Coupling Tire
Radially removable insert/element N/A N/A
High torque capability
High-speed capacity
Torque transmission in shear N/A N/A
No hub teeth wear N/A
Shock load capabilities
Angular misalignment Medium Low Medium Low High Low Medium High

QUICK FLEX Coupling Product Selection

Quick Flex Standard Couplings

Standard Couplings

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