LC Type – Radially Removable Elastomer

  • Standard L Type coupling with a snap wrap elastomer with retaining collar
  • Easy Maintenance (with radially removable elastomer)
  • Fail Safe – keeps working if elastomer fails (for non-fail safe see Jaw-In-Shear)
  • 3,600 RPM limit
LC Type – Radially Removable Elastomer

LC Type – Radially Removable Elastomer Additional Resources

Click here to access Lovejoy’s Digital Parts Catalog for LC Type components.

A full LC Type coupling is comprised of 4 components:

  • 1 L Type Coupling Hub (size L090 to L225)
  • 1 LC Type Coupling Hub (provides collar attachment)
  • 1 Snap Wrap Center
  • 1 Collar w/ screws
Note: The snap wrap flexible spider design allows for easy removal of the spider without moving the hubs, and close shaft separation all the way up to the hubs maximum bore. Maximum RPM is 1,750 RPM with the SW Type (retaining ring), or 3,600 RPM with the LC Type (with collar). Available in NBR and Urethane only (in limited sizes).
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