Custom Universal Joints & Assemblies

  • Custom fixed length and variable length telescoping universal joint assemblies
  • We offer custom universal joints in a multitude of materials and hub sizes and configurations to fit your application
  • Modifications: keyways, setscrew holes, cross pin holes, turned O.D.’s and splined holes
Alloy Steel Single Joints


We specialize in one-of-a-kind and low volume manufacturing of custom fixed length and variable length telescoping universal joint assemblies made from a variety of materials with a multitude of hub end configurations. If your need is for a custom assembly contact us and our engineering staff will work with you to determine your needs and specify a product. If your needs are for metric product we provide through our affiliate network a complete line of standard and special length metric telescoping assemblies.

Curtis universal joints can be made to order in a multitude of materials and hub sizes and configurations.  OEMs often have needs for new and redesigned products for universal joints that can not be satisfied with off-the-shelf universal joint designs. Be it an uncommon shaft design, unusually high speeds or torque, or otherwise harsh operating conditions, we can design and manufacture a custom universal joint along with the special hub machining needed to fit your application.

Similarly, end users frequently have the need to replace worn or under-specified u joints in the machinery in their plants with ones that are easier to maintain and have a longer service life. We can provide universal joints with custom alterations such as harder materials or longer than standard hubs to easily solve these problems.

Our custom universal joints can be made from most metals, in sizes ranging from 3/8″ to 4″ O.D.

Often times a Curtis modified standard universal joint can satisfy a user or OEM’s needs. Modified universal joints are produced from standard off the shelf universal joints (i.e., catalog dimensions shown in the tables on this site and materials such as alloy steel and 303 stainless steel), and are usually more cost effective and/or have shorter lead times than full custom universal joints.

Modified universal joints typically involve addition of keyways, setscrew holes and cross pin holes to hubs, and turned O.D.’s and splined holes.

Our application engineers are seasoned power transmission experts with extensive experience designing and applying universal joints. Whether your solution dictates a stock, modified or custom universal joint, we can partner with you from concept development, design and prototyping, all the way through production.   Contact us through our Support Page to initiate a project.