Curtis Universal Joints

  • Quick TakeApart design for easy and economical disassembly and reassembly, no special tooling required
  • Operating angles of up to 35° on single joints and 70° on double joints
  • Exclusive internal lubrication system
  • Standard, modified and custom configurations available
Curtis Universal Joints


Curtis Universal Joints are used throughout the world, transmitting torque in everything from rugged U.S. weapons systems to sophisticated electronic equipment in a world renowned amusement park’s most famous animated characters. Every day, we uncover new applications, as designers specify Curtis joints into their plans for unique new products and equipment of all kinds.

Curtis Universal Joint Product Selection

Alloy Steel Single Joints

Single Joints – Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel

  •  14 Sizes with solid and bored hubs ranging from 3/8″ to 4″ outside diameter
  • Meets Military Spec. MIL-U-20625A, Class A (alloy), Class C (stainless)
  • Alloy steel and 303 grade stainless steel are stock, 304, 316 and other grades available
  • Turn-key models have standard bore, keyway and setscrew configurations
Alloy Double

Double Joints – Alloy and Stainless

  • Available in 14 sizes ranging from 3/8″ to 4″ outside diameter
  • Extra angularity allows standard units to operate at angles up to 70°
  • Firm, positive lockup of the entire assembly thanks to Curtis’ exclusive Tell-Tale Lock Ring
  • Built-in lubrication passages with Curtis’ exclusive internal lubrication system
Needle Bearing Single Solid Joints

Needle Bearing Type – Single & Double

  • Suited for high speed applications with large offset angles
  • Manufactured with tight component part tolerancing and require no maintenance as they are lubricated for life
  • High efficiency, silent running and low friction
  • Permissible rpm is higher than for those with friction bearings
Naval Brass & Special Material Joints

Naval Brass & Special Materials

  • Non-corrosive and special material joints for marine and other applications which require high non-corrosion standards
  • Many materials available, all to ASTM, U.S. Government military or federal specifications as required
  • Navy Spec. MIL-N-994, COMP. A
  • Meets Military Spec. MIL-U-20625A, Class B
Hinged Gear Joints

Hinged Gear Type

  • Primarily designed for use on hand powered, low-speed applications
  • Universal Joints are steel and operate at angles up to 136°
Cross & Bearing Joints

Cross & Bearing Type

  • Permanently lubricated and specially designed internal seals can be provided to make them both weather and corrosion resistant
  • The yokes/hubs of the universal joint can be forged or cast
  • The needle bearings are precision ground for high load carrying capacity and minimal backlash
Replacement Parts & Boot Kits

Replacement Parts & Boot Kits

  • We maintain an inventory of all component parts which can be readily machined to customer specifications
  • Boot kits ensure joint lubrication and eliminate contaminants 
Fixed Length Assemblies

Custom Universal Joints, Fixed Length & Telescoping Assemblies

  • Curtis Universal Joints can be made to order in a multitude of materials and configurations
  • Custom fixed length and variable length telescoping universal joint assemblies