Tips and Tricks

Increase the Life of Your Spiders (on Jaw Couplings)

Get more out of your elastomeric spider by spinning it! When the spider begins to wear, just pull it away from the jaws and advance it one “leg”. Because just three of the legs transmit torque, only every other leg is getting wear (unless you have a reversing application).

Time is Money!

When you need to get a modified standard product right away; when you’ve got equipment down and every minute is costing; when you’re out of stock — ask for our Quick Ship Program. We guarantee that many factory-stocked items will ship to your nearest Authorized Distributor within 24 hours. Eligible products must have standard inch bores in 1/16″ increments, as listed in our price book. These include:

  • All Jaw Hubs (L, C, H, AL, RRS, LC, & RRC)
  • All S-Flex Flanges and Hubs
  • All D series Universal Joints.

Of course there are a few qualifications for this program. For instance, standard metric tolerances require 48 hour service. Maximum quantities also apply, so please contact your Customer Service Representative at 708/852-0500 for more information.

Grease is the Word (for Variable Speed Pulleys)

Did you know that lubrication can eliminate costly downtime and add years of life to your Lovejoy Pulley?

While it is true that our Econoline, Hi-Ratio and Hexadrive series pulleys are all maintenance-free, the Aluminoline and WB series do need periodic lubrication. These pulleys have at least one grease fitting on the upper shaft. (Some models also have an additional grease fitting on the lower flange.)

Each pulley has the proper amount of grease applied before leaving the factory. To insure your pulley is correctly maintained, grease should be added at least once every two weeks; more often if the pulley is in continuous operation. After greasing, the pulley should be run through its complete speed range to evenly distribute the grease to all vital areas.