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Lovejoy Torque Calculator & Coupling App User Guide

This tool was designed to provide those on the front lines (distributors, end users, field reps) the ability to quickly size/reference Lovejoy’s most popular couplings. The quick reference feature does not ensure a given coupling fully meets an application’s required needs (it only validates torque & RPM). To ensure a proper selection, you must then reference the product specific catalog (available inside the app).

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About the App

Home Screen

The home screen’s primarily purpose is to calculate the required torque for a given application (in either imperial or metric units) based on a user’s power, RPM, and factor of safety inputs. (To enter an input value, tap on the number and a keyboard will pop-up allowing you to record a new value.)

The second purpose of the home screen is to quickly filter out entire coupling type groupings that do not meet the torque and RPM requirements. Note: The nine covered coupling types, found at the bottom of the screen, do not represent Lovejoy’s full offering. If there is a coupling type you are interested in but do not see, please contact Lovejoy directly.

Once you have provided inputs, you can tap on the product grouping you would like to use… which will take you to a product specific page (see next section).

Additional Note: Clicking on the “i” information button on the top right hand corner of this page will take you to a blurb on the limitations of the app, as well as a link to Lovejoy’s website & additional contact information. Users should not entirely rely on the app to select their coupling but rather seek guidance from Lovejoy.

Product Specific Pages

Lovejoy App Screen SampleTapping on a product type from the home page will bring up the product page, only showing product selections meeting both your required torque and RPM requirement.

Required torque will remain visible at the top of the screen at all times (with the nominal torque and max bore for a specific selection shown at the bottom of the screen).

To change the specific selection (i.e. – you need a larger bore capability), you can change the product filters (size & elastomer for L line) by tapping on the currently selected value/arrow. This will result in new screen popping up to show all available options under that product grouping. (Note: After making a new selection, you must tap the back button located at the top left of the screen.)

Alternatively, to browse additional selections (without tapping on the arrows), you can also swipe the screen from right to left.

The goal of the product page is to give you enough information to make a rough sizing decision. (Distributors – this page should give you enough information to find the product in your corporate database and/or Lovejoy’s online ordering database.)

With a sizing decision in mind, you can then tap on the “View Catalog” button at the bottom of the page to bring up the catalog for that individual product grouping. Once inside the catalog, you will be able to zoom and scroll through the entire catalog to ensure your selection fully meets your application’s need (alignment, temperature, corrosive resistance, etc).

Additional Application Support

Product purchase order terms and conditions and warranty information for all products covered in this application can be found here.

Should you need any further product or app support, please contact Lovejoy customer service.