Curved Jaw Style (GS Series)

  • Zero backlash in a 3 piece design
  • Aluminum and steel hubs
  • Clamping and locking device hubs available
  • Four different types of urethane elastomers available
Curved Jaw Style (GS Series)

Curved Jaw Style (GS Series) Additional Resources

  • Material: Aluminum or steel hubs; urethane or Hytrel® insert
  • Nominal Torque: up to 7301 in-lbs
  • Torsional Stiffness: up to 366,921 in-lbs/rad
  • Bore Capacity: up to 2.75 inches
  • Max RPM: up to 25,400 RPM
  • Max Temperature: 248°F

For Performance Data: see GS Type (under Curved Jaw section) or download catalog

For Higher Angular Misalignment: see Beam, Oldham or Mini Soft
For Higher Parallel Misalignment: see Beam, Oldham, Curved Jaw or Mini Jaw
For Higher Axial Misalignment: see Mini-Disc
For Higher Temperature Limits: see Mini-Disc
Or, for other coupling types: see Coupling Preselection Guide