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Lovejoy flexible couplings and fluid power products address critical operational issues facing today’s hydraulic users. We provide solutions that are resistant to corrosion, require no lubrication, lower maintenance and downtime, and reduce noise levels – all with the quality, value and customer service you expect from Lovejoy.


Hydraulic drives are composed of three main components; the driver, the coupling, and the hydraulic pump.   The coupling connects the driver to the pump and allows for misalignment and the reduction of vibration between the driver and the pump.  In most hydraulic installations another component is required to connect the driver housing to the pump housing, this allows for simplified installation of the pump and improved alignment of the driver and the pump.

There are two primary types drivers in hydraulic applications; electric which uses an electric motor to drive the pump, and internal combustion which uses either a diesel or gas engine to drive the pump.

Common Applications:

  • Presses
  • Shears
  • Assembling equipment
  • Injection molding
  • Shredder
  • Bailers
  • Skid loaders
  • Excavators
  • Fork lifts

Lovejoy Products for Electric Motor Applications

Lovejoy offers all the components you need to connect an electric motor to a hydraulic pump.  The typical configuration is an electric motor with a round shaft with keyway, and a hydraulic pump with a spline shaft.    Some of these applications involve a “C” mount on the motor which allows for easy connection with the pump by using a Lovejoy “bell housing” mount, this allows for simplified design and installation by doing away with the need for pump mounting plates, shimming and allowing for accurate shaft alignment.  Along with the couplings and bell housings, Lovejoy offers water oil cooler, and reservoirs.

Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Pump / Motor Mounts (Bellhousings)

  • Full selection of vertical and horizontal mounting configurations
  • SAE and metric pump flanges; NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts
  • Cast from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy
Bell Housings

BNZ Series Water-Oil Coolers

  • Compact size – Shell and Tube Design
  • Low pressure drop – high efficiency
  • Heat removal up to 600 hp [500 kW]
  • Oil flow rates up to 225 GPM [850 l/min]
BNZ Coolers

Hydraulic Reservoirs and Accessories

  • 6 aluminum tank sizes available; provides twice the heat dissipation of steel
  • No painting or priming of aluminum tank required
  • Leak-free performance (100% factory tested)
  • Gauges, legs and caster options, filler breathers, and more

Lovejoy Products for Internal Combustion (Diesel or Gas) Applications

Applications are comprised of an internal combustion engine (diesel or gas fueled), and a hydraulic pump.  These are connected either shaft to shaft, or flywheel to shaft, depending on the engine output.

On shaft to shaft applications all you need is a coupling to connect the engine and pump.

On flywheel to shaft you need a flywheel mounting plate, a coupling, and a pump mounting plate.  Lovejoy offers all the components that are required to connect your engine and pump together; including flywheel and pump mounting plates.

As the typical hydraulic pump has a spline shaft subjected to profile distortion and fretting corrosion, Lovejoy offers the “L-Loc”. Lovejoy’s “L-Loc” feature eliminates premature spline shaft maintenance or replacement, reduces stress on equipment components, allow for quick assembly and removal, maintains equipment efficiency, and reduces equipment noise.

Shaft to Shaft

LF (model “2” or “2/S”)

  • Most versatile Lovejoy torsional coupling
  • Available in high temp rubber, Neoprene, Hytrel®, or Zytel®
  • “2/S” model allows for blind assembly
LF Torsional

Jaw & Curved Jaw Couplings

  • Lovejoy offers the most extensive jaw coupling product line
  • L-Line, CJ-Line, and LH Line
  • Jaw hubs, rings and elements stock items
Hydraulic Couplings

Flywheel to Shaft

LF (model “1”, ‘1/S”, “3” or “3/S”)

  • Most versatile Lovejoy torsional coupling
  • Model “1” – element bolts directly to flywheel and pump hub
  • Model “3” – consists of flywheel mount plate, element, & hub
  • Models with “/S” allow for blind assembly
LF Torsional

LK Torsional Coupling

  • Simple two-piece design for low-mid power diesel driven hydraulic systems
  • Composed of flywheel mounted element & star shaped hub
  • Available in Zytel®
  • Nominal torque: up to 21,240 in-lb (2400 Nm)
LK Group

LM Torsional Coupling

  • Designed for mounting on standard SAE J620 flywheels
  • Available in high temp rubber (HTR), EPDM, or Silicone
  • Nominal torque: up to 33,600 in-lb (3800 Nm)
LM Group

LVK Torsional Coupling

  • Designed for direct mounting on SAE J620 and metric flywheels
  • Element bonded to flywheel mounting plate and LK style hub housing
  • Available in high temp rubber (HTR) or EPDM
  • Nominal torque: up to 5,800 in-lb (655 Nm)
LVK Group