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RunRight® Tensioner Devices

RunRight Tensioner - SE
  • Cost effective, low maintenance solution
  • Constant torque results in higher belt  or chain life
  • Constant pressure results in dampened vibrations
  • Standard range of sizes, plus many custom options and accessories

RunRight® Tensioner Technology

Among the many applications for RunRight tensioners, one of the most common is self-adjusting tensioning of roller chain or belt applications. Overtime, a chain or belt will elongate with use, and the RunRight tensioner, installed correctly, will automatically adjust to correct for slacking or sagging to enable longer and smoother system life. 

Install RunRight® tensioners on a rigid, flat and clean machine surface using the mounting bolt provided. The frictional contact between the tensioner housing and the machine surface is usually sufficient for proper installation. If the surface of the machine is uneven or highly corroded, a locking pin can be used at the positioning notch for a secure connection to a machine’s irregular surface.

Please do not hesitate to call or ask for help, should you have any question in selecting or installing a RunRight tensioning device. Lovejoy is here to help!