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RunRight® Anti-Vibration Mounts

RunRight Anti-Vibration Mounts - Type ESL
  • Sinusoidal oscillation (Type ESL) and impact (Type V) solutions
  • Absorbs active and passive vibrations
  • Delivers solid-born noise insulation
  • Provides shock absorption for impact loads

RunRight® Anti-Vibration Technology

Manufacturers of anti-vibration mounts usually offer machine mounts with varying natural frequencies, to eliminate the excitation frequency of the machine, versus the natural  frequency of the anti-vibration mount. Vibration technology differentiates between two  types of oscillation signatures. 

Sinusoidal oscillation of working equipment produces a predictable vibration signature. Sinusoidal oscillations occur on generators, compressors and blowers, which require a soft ESL mount, whereas, shocks or impacts produce a non-predictable signature. For mixers, crushers, punching presses and shears, a V mount would be preferred.

RunRight  Oscillation Signatures Chart

Dampening effect is related to the proportion of the relevant acoustic resistance to acoustic velocity, and the material density. Typically, the ideal amount of isolation of solid-born noise can be expected through the entire frequency range with a rubber-steel mount combination. Isolation in relationship to steel is shown in the chart below.

RunRight  Acoustic Isolation