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Motion Control Couplings

Motion Control Image
  • Huge variety to meet your specific motion control need 
  • Solutions include: Beam, Oldham, Mini-Jaw, Bellows, Mini-Soft, Mini-Disc, & Curved Jaw

The selection process for determining the proper Motion Control coupling starts with selecting the coupling design that best addresses the application requirements. The Lovejoy Motion Control Coupling Quick Reference Chart of the Motion Control catalog, provides a method of weighing performance characteristics of the Beam, Bellows, Mini-Disc, Oldham, Mini-Soft, Curved Jaw, and Mini-Jaw couplings. Each coupling is compared side by side in critical categories such as: material, torque, torsional stiffness, bore capacity, maximum RPM, misalignment capacity, maximum temperature and moment of inertia.

Once a design is selected, the proper size must be determined based on the capabilities of the particular design. The Beam, Bellows and Mini Disc designs all have a single piece construction, so only one part needs to be selected. The GS curved jaw, Oldham, Mini Soft, and Mini Jaw designs have a three piece constructions, consisting of two hubs and an insert. When the shaft size of the driver and driven are the same diameter, the hubs will be the same. When the shaft diameters differ, the hubs selected will differ accordingly.

Knowing the following is required when selecting a motion control coupling:
  1. HP and RPM of the driver
  2. Shaft size of the driver and driven
  3. Application requirements
  4. Environmental conditions (i.e. extreme temperature, corrosive conditions, space limitations)
  5. Space Limitations (i.e. maximum outside diameter and overall length for the coupling)

Motion Control Beam Image

Beam Style (ES/EC, ASB, ADB Series)

  • Zero backlash design
  • All-metal (aluminum) coupling
  • Easy one piece installation
  • High angular misalignment capability (up to 7°)
Motion Control Bellows

Bellows Style (BWC and BWLC Series)

  • High torsional stiffness
  • All metal (aluminum hub, stainless steel bellow)
  • No maintenance required
  • Low reactionary loading; low inertia
Motion Control Curved Jaw

Curved Jaw Style (GS Series)

  • Zero backlash in a 3 piece design
  • Aluminum and steel hubs
  • Clamping and locking device hubs available
  • Four different types of urethane elastomers available
Motion Control Mini Image

Mini Disc Style (MD, MDS, and MDSD Series)

  • Zero backlash design
  • Highest torsional stiffness
  • All metal (aluminum hubs, stainless steel discs)
  • Moderate-high torque, low inertia
Motion Control Mini Jaw

Miniature Jaw Style (L Series)

  • Fail-safe design, with exceptional overload capacity
  • Good torsional stiffness; vibration damping ability
  • No metal to metal contact
  • Widely distributed; with chose of elastomer hardness
Motion Control Soft Image

Mini Soft Style (MSF Series)

  • Easy blind assembly
  • Good shock load absorption
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Zinc alloy hubs with a Polyurethane insert
Motion Control Oldham Image

Oldham Style (MOL Series)

  • High torsional stiffness
  • Maximum temperature of 176°F (80°C)
  • Aluminum hubs with a Polyacetel insert
  • Available in setscrew or clamping style hubs