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DIR & DILR Type (Drop-In Spacer) Coupling

  • Direct Replacement for floating shafts in flanged series gear couplings
  • No need for lubrication or maintenance
  • Can utilize existing rigid Flanged Gear hubs or custom paper machine hubs
  • Can be inspected while in operation
  • Can run at higher speeds than floating shaft gear couplings
  • Unitized disc pack
  • Infinite life if properly aligned
  • Torsionally rigid with minimal back lash
  • No wearing parts and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions
  • Shim kits are standard for ease of installation and precise spacer positioning
  • Anti Flail / Anti Fly piloting option is standard to prevent the spacer assembly from flying out if a disc pack and bolts fail
  • Adjustable lengths using shaft locking devices
  • ATEX Certified