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Founded in 1900, Lovejoy is an international leader in flexible coupling design and development, and the creator of the industry standard Jaw style coupling.  Through the breadth of its coupling product line, Lovejoy has built a reputation as a resource for flexible couplings that can serve rotating equipment applications in any industry of all types and sizes.  Lovejoy also manufactures a complete line of variable speed drives, universal joints, motorbases, and tensioners. Lovejoy products can be purchased all over the world from an extensive network of distributors.

Lovejoy, Inc. offers a complete range of power transmission products and a growing line of hydraulic products that help engineers and maintenance professionals reduce operating costs and improve productivity. From Steel to mining to food producing, our customer base spans many industries, all with the common need for power transmission equipment.

Flexible Shaft Couplings - Elastomeric and Metallic style flexible couplings that joint two pieces of rotating equipment to transmit mechanical power from one machine to another, provide some degree of misalignment, and accommodate axial movement. Styles available include: Straight Jaw, Curved Jaw, S-Flex, Motion Control, Grid, Disc, Torsional, Uniflex, Deltaflex, and Gear.

Universal Joints - Lovejoy has been producing universal joints for more than 50 years. The product line offers a wide range of standard and specialized styles which accounts for high horsepower capacity at high speeds.

Variable Speed Drives - Variable Speed Drives maximize application efficiency and productivity for applications when the RPM of the driven shaft need to be increased or decreased due to changes in load conditions or other circumstances.

RunRight Products - The RunRight product line provides a wide range of square-in-square elastomeric elements designed to solve a multitude of tensioning, suspension, and vibration absorption problems across many industries and applications. Solution groups include elastomeric tensioner devices, motorbases, oscillating mounts, individual rubber suspension elements, and anti-vibration mounts.

Shaft Locking Devices - Lovejoy offers a complete line of metric and inch bore shaft locking componenets.

Powder Metal OEM Components - Lovejoy Powder Metal Group offers the most advanced technology for the development of components from powder metal.

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Lovejoy, Inc., Downers Grove, Illinois, USA World Headquarters
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R+L Hydraulics, Germany

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