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Cost Reduction
May 23, 2007
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Dear Customer,

As consumers we are always looking to get more for our money. Manufacturers are thinking the same way in looking for ways to provide the same, if not better, products or services at a lower cost. Being innovative pays off when it comes to providing cost reduction and better alternatives. The result is often better profits and competitive advantages.

ROSTA Type SEI tensioning elements from stainless cast steel

ROSTA has been offering tensioning elements in stainless steel material (AISI 304, DIN 1.4301) for more than ten years. These elements are commonly used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries or wherever corrosive-resistant components are needed. Stainless steel is naturally more expensive than regular steel. But also added to the cost is the more difficult and costly machining and welding due to the hardness of stainless steel.

ROSTA products are all designed to provide solutions in vibration dampening, but this time the solution is in the product itself.

On the new SEI 15, 18 and 27 tensioners, both the housing and the tensioner arm are manufactured from stainless cast steel. These components offer an attractive alternative to many companies that are looking for ways to reduce their costs.

Flexibility and Accuracy for Motion Control Applications

Motion Control covers a wide range of application types. Conveyors, machine tools, electronic monitoring devices, pick & place robots, and XYZ gantry tables are just a few examples of the variety of these applications. Motion control couplings need to be selected by evaluating which characteristics are most important to the proper function of the application. Applications can call for vibration dampening characteristics, misalignment compensation, greater torque capacity, accuracy and precision or any combination of these.

Often, accuracy or precision of an application is rated the most important characteristic. A good example of this would be a XYZ gantry table (i.e. CMM machine), which relies on accuracy to check critical dimensions of a particular product. For these types of applications, the Bellows style coupling provides a compact coupling solution with a high amount of torsional stiffness, which translates into high accuracy for the application.

Lovejoy offers two different size ranges in the Bellows coupling product line: the BWC and BWLC series. The BWC coupling offers bore ranges of 1/8" to 3/4" and torque ratings of 3.5 to 89 in-lbs. The BWLC coupling offers bore ranges 1/4" to over 1-1/2" and torque ratings of 159 to 1,328 in-lbs. Both designs offer higher torsional stiffness than beam coupling designs and still retain zero backlash. This combination is ideal for precision soldering equipment, pick & place machines, and measurement equipment. The wide range of bore sizes and torque capacities allow for flexibility in selecting the right size coupling for the application.

The Lovejoy Bellows coupling is one of the newest couplings of a motion control product line started in 1993. Even after over 100 years of offering flexible couplings, Lovejoy continues to add to the product selection. By offering the customer the greatest amount of coupling options, is another example of Lovejoy's commitment to finding the right coupling for every application.

Lovejoy Sintered Solutions has been awarded MPIF's (Metal Powder Industry Federation) 2007 GRAND PRIZE in the Industrial Motors/Controls & Hydraulics Division. Over 30 parts from 17 different companies throughout the United States submitted parts for the competition in 7 different categories. This Design Excellence award is given to the company that exemplifies the following for their Powder Metal components.

  • Use of Innovative tooling or fabricating technique
  • Shape Complexity
  • Close to net shape Precision
  • Process Control
  • Physical and mechanical properties and density
  • Composition/combination of properties
  • New or unusual application
  • Significant cost savings
  • Used in high-visibility product

Lovejoy's Rotor, being made for Petrotec, India/Portugal is a complex rotor shape with nine legs, each of which are being held to a 7.1 g/cc density at a 5-1 aspect ratio. The rotor is being made from MPIF Standard 35 material (F-0005-25); The only way to extract this part from the die is to maintain pressure on the legs while ejection takes place enabling the part to maintain its integrity (no inter-connected porosity between the base of the legs and the base of the part) and prevent excessive pop-out of the legs. In addition, there is a 13mm hub at the top of the part that needs powder transfer in order to maintain the 7.1 g/cc density called out on the print.

This highly engineered part will provide a 30% cost savings over the previous cast component the customer had been using in their hydraulic pumps.

Complying with US Export Regulations

With the rapid growth of both International business and Global Trade Agreements in the United States, it is vital for International importers doing business with the United States to stay informed about U.S. export compliance regulations.

Example: On a routed transaction, i.e. when the foreign principal party of interest (FPPI / importer) appoints their agent or forwarder to move the goods outside of the U.S. territory, it is important to pay particular attention to ensure that the FPPI and its agent comply with U.S. Export Regulations. In this case, the FPPI and its agent are responsible to file Shipper Export Declaration forms or AES with the Department of Commerce U.S. Census Bureau, and Bureau of Industry and Security when necessary. In some cases, the FPPI and agent are responsible for determining license requirements and must submit the proper documentation and information in order to receive a license before the goods leave U.S. territory.

The FPPI must be aware that it is illegal to transfer or export (directly or indirectly) any product that is subject to U.S. export control from the U.S. to any and all of the following: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, as well as nationals or other countries subject to restriction under applicable laws and regulations. Also, the use of those products in any activity related to the development, use, maintenance or production of Weapons of Mass Destruction or the supplying of said products to any party engaged in such activity will be subject to U.S. laws.

If you are a FPPI, you must understand U.S. Export and Reexport control laws. These can be found by visiting;; and
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Krister Meister, Marketing Manager
Lovejoy, Inc.


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